Sell to the Federal Government - SBA’s Contracting programs

Sell to the Federal Government - SBA’s Contracting programs
Date and time
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM, September 07, 2017

Government Contracting can be a critical tool for growing your business and increasing your bottom line. While not all small businesses are suitable for government contracting, SBA has several certification programs and a business development program designed to help those who are socially and economically disadvantage.

SBA is your one stop shop for your small business. We offer services for the future owner dreaming about your business to the owner taking your business to the next level.

You will learn about the basics of Government Contracting, SBA’s certification programs and SBA’s Business Development program. All of these programs are provided at no cost.

For more information, please contact Ken Surmeier at 816-426-4919 or

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Open to public, alumni, current students, faculty, future students, staff